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corporate events

Our villa provides a wonderful setting for a day of meetings, a recreational day, a customer service, a training session or a corporate sauna trip. Villa Seaview is located in its own private beach by the sea in the heart of the commune of Ruukki. We have a soul resting in order for our mind to work effectively. We handle all the practical arrangements and our staff while taking care of your needs during your time, so you do not have to focus on the essentials. It is your chance to relax and get together or to work effectively with teamwork, the result is guaranteed to be desirable. It's like letting money into the bank at a good rate.

In our rooms, you can meet without any disturbance and privacy. For over 24 hours, the villa has no other guests and the property is only at your disposal.

In addition to the ready-to-use meeting packages, we can tailor the perfect entity to suit your needs. Through our collaborators, we offer a wide variety of programming content, on land, sea and air. In our yoga club we can arrange a relaxed yoga session or an effective jumper for you. A variety of wellness services are also available at Spa Day.