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Program services, experiences and adventures in the mining villages area


From the villa, you can go directly to the varied sea, lake and marshland of the national park for hiking, kayaking and fishing.


New dimensions for cycling, downhill riding, lift cycling, enduro tracks and bike tours to Teijo National Park.

Kayaking, archery, team games and  wild adventure programs.

Speedy hill driving and paintball shooting


Fishing in the area's lakes and sea

Golf field.jpg

For golf lovers

Relaxing & exercise programs and beauty & welfare

Meditation by the Sea

Relaxing Yoga or Shindo in the Villa's Yoga hall or terrace yoga outside from €23/person.

Outdoor Aerobics

Get your blood circulating with a HIIT workout or a group exercise class. Implementation indoors or outdoors. from €23/person

Back Massage

Indian head massage, head and shoulder acupoint massage or neck/shoulder massage. Duration approx. 15 min/person. Start 20€/person

sound bowl.png

Chord bath using Peter Hess sound bowls and Gong is a sound bowl relaxation for a group

from €23/person

Relaxing Bath

 In connection with the spa evening:

Body Bioenergi spa body care package

incl. beautician's care instructions and product presentation 30 min. -Body Bioenergy products for your use -draining anti-cellulite Thalasso scrub -anti-gravity Serum -3in 1 total body cream Price 260€/ 8-12 persons


Icon Time Spa Facial treatment package

incl. beautician's care instructions and product presentation - Icon Time products for your use -oxygenating scrub -Super mask for face -redensifying anti-age cream Price 390€/8 persons

Diegodallapalma Spa Foot and hand care package

cosmetologist's care instructions and product presentation - Diegodallapalma PRO products for your use - foot and hand scrub - Happy hands and Baby feet creams        Price 160€/8-12 persons

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